Get to Know Me

My name is Veronica Victoria Castro, born and raised in the highlands of Peru, city of Concepcion. I come from humble origins and family values based on working hard and embracing opportunities. Fortunately among my generation, the importance of education and independence was nurtured to learn the necessary skills-set to better off our lives. Two decades ago, I moved to the U.S.A, and since then, I started my journey to build a better life. As an immigrant, I have been chasing the American Dream and pursuing happiness. Started learning English as part-time student, while working full-time at different fast-food restaurants. I was focused on learning the language by completing the program of English as Second Language. Upon completing the program, my academic advisor Mr. Juan Alvarez asked if I was going to pursuit a college degree considering my 4.0 GPA, while working full-time. Juan opened my eyes to a new horizon and became my mentor. He created a huge impact in my life and encouraged me to meet a better version of myself. Unfortunately months later, he lost his battle against cancer and passed away. In our last conversation, I asked how could I repay his kindness, he replied “encourage others to meet their best version.”

The following year and after submitting college applications on the east coast to several schools, I received great news from Drexel University, College of Engineering. I was admitted for the fall semester of 2004 with the President’s Scholarship. On June of 2009, I graduated as Mechanical Engineer. This was the beginning of my journey as professional in the work-force, four years later I earned my MBA from Florida Institute of Technology.

Today I have a personal mission statement, to be a creator of solutions and contribute to social engineering, by helping others uncover their maximum potential.

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